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I discovered one thing while working nine to five jobs. That I could only concentrate on what was for lunch break. Now don’t think I am a shallow pig with the sole ambition of devouring food. I am a pig and I want to devour food, but also the story behind an ingredient, a manic chef, a Roman recipe. I became a food writer, chef and food stylist. Convinced of being the reincarnation of an Etruscan princess, I moved to Italy for some years. This has only increased my love of food (and men, but that’s obviously none of your business). Thanks to a linguistic education and several years spent in Rome, Florence and London, as well as writing in Dutch I also work in English and Italian. One moment I’ll be scraping lobster left overs from the kitchen floor, the next I’m having a medieval 59-course-dinner in the south of Italy with local mafiosi. I’m based in Amsterdam.

Vanja van der Leeden
food stylist | food writer | cook

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V A N J A | culinary communication
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