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CAJUN COOLNESS Food styling and recipe writing

Food styling and recipe writing. Now this is balance: a spicy leg with a hormonal yam tamer, aka habanero spiced Jamaican jerk chicken with a raw yam salad with grapefruit and sprouts. Photo by Remko Kraaijeveld.


Food styling and recipe writing for an inspirational toolkit for Unilever Food Solutions. Vietnamese-French sandwich with lemon grass chicken, liver pate, pickled veggies and coriander. Photo by Remko Kraaijeveld.


Food styling and recipe writing for Eggs Benny-ish salmon with poached eggs under fool proof Hollandaise.This recipe is part of an article on butter. Photo by Remko Kraaijeveld. EGGS BENNY Eggs benedict – eggs benny voor intimi- zijn gepocheerde eieren met dé botersaus hollandaise. Bang dat ‘ie in de schift gaat? Niet bij dit recept…


These flower cookies are part of the Christmas production 2015 for the Dutch Elle Food magazine. Styling: Evelien Reich. Photography: Carlfried Verwaayen.

Karakter Magazine for Old Amsterdam

Together with culinary triumvirate Mister Kitchen and photographer Remko Kraaijeveld, I made an international magazine for Dutch cheese brand Old Amsterdam, titled Karakter. The magazine was issued in Holland, Germany, Spain and the UK. The client gave us quite a bit of freedom to create inspirational cheese lit. From the accidental making of the first…

Snow Food Lange latte

Lange latte Je hebt nodig: 10 minuten 200 gr pure chocola halve liter volle melk kwart liter room 1 tl kaneel 4 el oploskoffie mespuntje nootmuskaat vanillesuiker klein bekertje lobbig geslagen room Verwarm de melk met de room en breek de chocolade erin met de kaneel, de nootmuskaat en de vanillesuiker. Laat de chocolade smelten….

Tarte tatin Quick X-mas menu

Last minute Christmas menu for Elle Eten magazine (www.elleten.nl). How to make a sophisticated dinner with ingredients from your local supermarket. Here’s the recipe (in Dutch) for a quick and dirty tarte tatin with fool proof caramel of ahorn sirup and fried apple peel. Deze karamel van ahornsiroop kan niet mislukken. Terwijl de tarte tatins…

Elle Eten Last minute Christmas

Last minute Christmas Elle Eten Food styling and recipe writing of a last minute Christmas menu for Elle Eten Magazine. Dishes that look impressive with ingredients that can be sourced at your local supermarket. Photography: Carlfried Verwaayen Styling: Eveline Reich