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The Big Green Egg barbecue is a must have for chefs and barbecue fans that are willing to spend some serious time behind their dome. The Big Green Egg book 2013 is a Dutch initiative from EU-importer Wessel Buddingh. A mouthwatering collection of recipes from Dutch chefs (from famous to revolutionary new comers) and closer-to-home recipes that I have written, cooked and styled. Grilling sure, roasting too. But also pizza and pie baking, smoking lobsters, making chapatis using the Egg as a tandoor oven.
Photographed by award-winning Dutch food photographer Remko Kraaijeveld (, designed by Ronald Timmermans (who also designed De Oosterscheldekreeft, PUURST, and WILD), the stories and interviews are covered by journalist and writer Dirk Koppes. Published by art and food specialized Uitgeverij Komma.